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Lord, I Don't Want to Face This Storm
Her View From Home

 I know that God is always with me, yet in this storm, it didn’t feel like enough. Instead, it felt like He was leading me to the valley of the shadow of someone’s death, and I was doing my best to dig my heels in so we never arrived.


I know that God is with me; yet that day, I didn’t want Him. 

Image by Alexis Brown

Equipping Church Members to Address Sexuality

Almost two decades have past since Rachel's close family member came out of the closet. She's learned so much from her mistakes, and shares them in this article, aimed at helping churches better equip their members for when they face similar situations.

Image by Rainier Ridao

Empty Hand's and God's Goodness

I knew God loved me deeply and was still in control. However, my fragile heart had to decide if the truth of God’s character or my feelings of grief and pain would win the battle raging in my heart. It was that day I understood praising God in the midst of a storm really does feel like a sacrifice – a sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15). 

Image by Joel Muniz

Meaningful Bible Reading

Many struggle to find the Bible meaningful, especially in today’s rushed society. Some of us resolve in January to read the Bible through in a year. Come March, the bookmark hasn’t moved and we’re trying to ‘give ourselves grace’ and search for something that sticks. I’m in seminary, and I’ve been there. I wasn’t able to find an article that presented a workable plan, so below, find four tips that worked for me.

Image by Liane Metzler

Life After a Failed Adoption
Her View From Home

We were her parents for 45 hours, until they told us that we couldn't be. 

The number one question we hear from other couples who are thinking about adoption is how we endured this season. 

Our hope in writing this piece is to encourage others who are walking through similar situations that adoption, however painful, is always worth it.

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

Book Review

Rachel reviews Holier Than Thou by Jackie Hill Perry for The Baptist Standard.

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