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About Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel. I'm a full-time student at Dallas Theological Seminary, and I love to learn. I'm a recovering public school educator and principal, though I love to teach.

I'm married to a pediatrician named Justin, who's pretty cute, and we have three kids together. 

I have lots of thoughts and will always and forever be curious about yours, as well, so reach out and we'll process all we're learning together.

God will not turn away from doing you good. He will keep on doing good. He doesn’t do good to His children sometimes and bad to them other times. He keeps on doing good and He never will stop doing good for ten thousand ages of ages. When things are going bad that does not mean God has stopped doing good. It means He is shifting things around to get them in place for more good, if you will go on loving Him.

John Piper

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


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